Welcome to a transformative journey in leadership development!

The Leadership Mastery Bootcamp is an intensive 8-week program designed to empower and elevate your leadership skills to new heights.

Why Join?

  • 🌐 Explore and Develop Your Unique Leadership Style
  • 🎓 Activate Goal-Setting and Executing Mastery
  • 🚀 Propel Your Leadership Journey and Make a Positive Impact
  • 🧠 Holistic Development
What’s inside?
  • 🚀 Interactive Sessions
  • 🤔 Insightful Questioning
  • 🎯 Strategies & Tools
  • 🤝 Mindful Partnering Techniques

More specifically:

Explore and develop a leadership style that aligns with your values and strengths. 

Our program empowers you to uncover your innate leadership qualities and leverage them for maximum impact.

Discover the art of setting clear, actionable goals and executing them with precision.

We provide you with the tools and strategies to turn aspirations into tangible achievements.

Our comprehensive 8-week program isn’t just about learning theories; it’s about real-world application. 

Gain practical insights and strategies that propel your leadership journey to new heights.

Beyond professional growth, our program focuses on your holistic development.

 Enhance your confidence, nurture your relationships, prioritize your well-being, and achieve balance in all aspects of your life.

🎯 Who is it For?

  • New Managers
  • Frontline Leaders
  • Professionals ready to amplify impact
  • Team Leaders & Project Managers 

📅 Details

  • Starting July or September 2024
  • Once per week – online  
  • Price – 500EUR (VAT Excluded)

What participants Experience & Share 

21 Participants voted the 5-day Training with high marks on the delivery of the workshop, on the material, on the effectiveness and on the clarity.


Some Individual Testimonials on our work

My sessions were on developing my leadership style. I discovered how to find solutions within myself using the thought process and emotions and giving myself different options for taking action. One thing I learnt from these valuable coaching sessions was to see things from above as a third person and that there is not only one solution to an issue.
I definitely have more joy in life now, as a leader, and as a human being.Also, I gained clarity on what are my expectations and why I would not accept anything less.
Besides the tools and the skills I earned from working with you, I discovered new aspects of myself. Being a team leader is not all about stress, commitment, obligations and carrying all the weight alone. Is about enjoying, growing, sharing and improving all together.
An articulated and clear approach on how to "steer" a meeting through 3 simple steps and a new physical focus techinique. I will practice more active listening, breath before speaking and try to ask another question before answering or giving my thoughts. Game changer for my future conversations

The Amazing Creators

Chrysanthi Vazitari

Chrysa is a PCC-certified career coach, silver award winner of Best EMEA coach and founder of Chrysalogy and GrowthUP Coaching. She has a passion and mission to make professionals happy and excited with their careers. She worked with many professionals to identify and work on their dream careers by getting them excited on their growth and learnings! Her no 1 rule for her sessions and workshops is to have FUN & enjoy. Her methodology is focused on working with the unconsious and transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones. She combines embodiment, music and creative play in her sessions for bigger impact and bigger joy!

Svetoslava Stoyanova

Svetoslava is leadership, career, and growth coach, speaker, and partnerships strategist. A certified solutions focused team coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation individual coach, NLP and Positive Intelligence practitioner, she accompanies individuals, teams, for-profit and for-impact organizations, and business founders in their unique journey to fulfillment. She does so through coaching, mentoring, culture mapping, and talent development consulting. Svetoslava is the author of the chapter “Core Coaching Skills” in a handbook and training programme “Coaching for Trainers” contributing author in the book “Reinventing Work”, and co-creator of various tools, learning materials and formats related to effective leadership practices through coaching.