Corporate Glam

It’s a common misconception that coaching is only for executives or problematic employees. Any employee—regardless of skill level or status—can benefit from coaching.

Coaching uncovers the potential in the employees and develops their nascent talents. It helps team members complete tasks and achieve their goals by fostering an environment where people feel safe to take risks and grow professionally. When employees are feeling safe, are actively learning and growing and they’re more content, that improves long-term retention.

Effective coaching also helps your people identify new skills and tools they can use throughout their careers by giving them the opportunity to work through issues holding them back. This builds confidence, which allows individuals to become more innovative and engaged in the work they do every day.

Coaching helps your organization’s bottom line by increasing employee engagement, which boosts productivity while decreasing work-related stress and burnout potential.

Chrysa has delivered a great number of trainings and workshops virtually or physically.  

Mentorship Programme for Corporates  

-How to Build Trust & Create Connection

-How to Actively Listen

-How to build Accountability with your mentee

The workshop was supported with additional material:

checklists for mentors & mentees workbook on diverse topics on mentoring such as conflict management, promotions, Kickstarter etc.

Burnout Prevention Series for Corporates

Episode 1: What is actually burnout – what causes burnout & how to prevent it.

Episode 2: Quarter Assessment of where we are and where we want to go.  

Episode 3: How being able to build healthy habits can help you prevent burnout.

Episode 4: How to be Effective, Energetic & Efficient at work without “being busy”.  

Episode 5: Work Superpowers: Why need to know them and use them at work.  

Episode 6: How to use “communications” to avoid conflict.

Episode 7: Discover your saboteurs & how to deal with them inside and outside work.  

Psychological Safety in the workplace

In this place, we focus on diverse topics from Conflict Management, Active Listening and Open Communications to Biases and Leadership.  

Other workshops delivered:  

Develop a go-get-it Attitude

Stress Management

Career Development & Well-being  

Team Building Activities (strengthen relationships and work together)