Hey Rockstar,

Do you ever ask yourself…

◼Is there more in my career journey than this?

◼Will I ever find my true purpose/calling in life?

◼Am I being greedy? Should I simply accept the fact that I will never be satisfied with my job?

◼How am I going to get this promotion if I don`t look 100% confident?

◼What am I going to choose, when I simply get overwhelmed by the gazillion different options out there? (#FOMO)

◼How am I going to pivot my career after so many years?

◼I just started a new job but why do I feel so scared and stressed?


What if I tell you that you are only a few weeks away from being able to get clarity
on your dream career path?

How would it feel to go to bed on Sunday night excited because you are looking forward to Monday?

How would your life be different if you felt more motivated with your work and fulfilled at the end of your working day?

How would you feel having a work aligned with your values and needs?

Let me introduce the CAREER GROW & GLOW:

The Career Grow & Glow is a specially designed programme to help professionals accomplish career clarity and advancement, SO THAT they can feel fulfilled, motivated, and aligned with their careers, WITHOUT feeling confused, or scared or burned out!

What we will work on during the programme is:

  • Having a go-get-it attitude
  • Discovering *ikigai
  • Identifying your saboteurs & turning them into strengths
  • Creating unshakeable Confidence (train that muscle, yes… confidence is a muscle)
  • Being efficient, energetic and effective
  • Rediscover your energy and channel it into to what makes sense for you
  • Removing limitations, fears and blockages
  • Feeling an empowered, badass unstoppable rockstar

* Ikigai (生き甲斐, ‘a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. Ikigai can describe having a sense of purpose in life, as well as being motivated. According to a study by Michiko Kumano, feeling ikigai, as described in Japanese, usually means the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that follows when people pursue their passions. In french is the ‘raison d’être’ !


Here is what some other rockstars shared after their journey:


How you enter the programme

⦁ Confused about what you suppose to do next in your career

⦁ Exhausted from this lifestyle and frustrated that whatever you do feels like it’s not enough

⦁ Doubtful and insecure about what else you could do if you leave your current job

⦁ Lacking energy and motivation to even think that there may be a job that can excite you

⦁ Unable to move, stagnated and ready to give up

⦁ Searching for this career sparkle

How you exit the programme

⦁ Having clarity on where you are and where you want to go

⦁ Having a concrete plan of how to move forward

⦁ Knowing what fuels you, what are your needs and your priorities

⦁ Being able to overcome difficulties without overwhelm and stress

⦁ Finding back your motivation for your career

⦁ Having healthy boundaries and enjoy more your life outside work

⦁ Knowing your value and your powers


See exactly what you get out of the programme and be fascinated by the transformation you get in 4-6 months!

  • 8 coaching sessions of 1-1 
  • Access to the Career Bootcamp programme 
  • Personalised Exercises (based on your type of learning and growth)
  • Monday to Friday support (offline coaching)

PRICE : 2100 EUR

Do you want a sneak peek?

Here’s what others had to say about the programme:

still on the fence?

→ I’m not sure if I can commit to a 1-1 coaching program right now.

I understand that life can get busy. My coaching program offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate your availability. We’re committed to working together to find suitable times for our sessions and making it convenient for you to invest in your personal growth and development. But the work we will be doing requires your commitment and engagement. 

→ How do I know if this coaching program is right for me?

Choosing a coaching program is an important decision and it’s a chemistry! I offer a complimentary initial consultation where we’ll discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about our coaching approach and decide if it aligns with your needs. The goal is to ensure a strong coaching-client fit for optimal results.

→ This is a pricey investment for me. 

I understand that investing in personal development is a significant decision. My coaching program offers a tailored, results-driven approach that delivers lasting benefits. Consider it an investment in your future success, well-being, and fulfilment. The value you gain from achieving your goals and overcoming challenges far outweighs the initial cost. But of course, there are different and cheaper options. Check out the Career Bootcamp (link)

→  I’ve seen cheaper coaching options. Why should I choose yours?

While cost is a factor to consider, it’s essential to focus on the quality and outcomes of the coaching experience. My program provides personalized attention, proven strategies, and a commitment to your growth. As a coach I combine many methodologies and tools to get the best results from you! I am dedicated to your success but you are the one who should be doing all the work! So if you are searching for a cheap and easy-fix solution, I AM NOT your person!

→I’m unsure if I can afford this right now but I would really like to work with you. What should I do?

 I recognize that financial considerations are important. I recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss your situation and explore options. We may be able to work together to find a solution that fits your budget while still providing you access to the valuable support and guidance our coaching program offers.

With CAREER GROW & GLOW you are Ikigai-ing your way to the perfect job

Feel more like Leslie (Parks and Recreation)

And less like Rachel (Friends)